Marilyn Hume is  one of the many women writers who has chosen to disguise their gender by changing their name, or in fact hiding it.  By writing as M K Hume, she has received greater success than she believes she would have otherwise.

I have not met Marilyn Hume – was hoping to meet her at an event in Brisbane in November, but there is some doubt that she will attend.  She has not been well.

Read more about her on her website.  Click here. 

Here is an article in the Courier Mail in 2013.  Click here. 


M K Hume (from her website)

Marilyn was nominated by the Society of Women  Writers Qld for The Alice Literary Award – and attended the ceremony in Tasmania in August, 2016, but sadly was not the winner.

Details about her writing can be found on her website here.

The histories and legends surrounding King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are the  inspiration for her works.