On Wickham Terrace, in what used to be the specialist medical precinct of Brisbane, stands the historic Inchcolm building.  These days there are medical practices in the precinct, but other businesses have replaces some of the older businesses.

Medical Centre

I remember going to my medical specialist way back in 1974.  I remember the building and especially the old lift – with its metal gate that one had to open to enter the lift, and close to enable to ancient lift to move to your destination.

In 1880 when it was originally built it was the private residence of Dr John Thomson. As well it was a medical practice.  Around 1910 – 20 it was a private hospital.  In 1925 the premises was purchased by the Wharf Street Congregational Church.  They planned to build a church on the site. However, hey sold the property in 1929.

Part of the site was purchased by Inchcolm Ltd a group of medical practice and the other part was purchased by a group of medical practitioners and became Lister House.

Now a Hotel

Incholm became a hotel in 1998 and was renovated in 1914.  I had no idea that it had become a hotel until recently- I still see it in my mind as the building of medical practitioners.

It is now Inchcolm Hotel and Suites.  I visited this building a week ago, as the SWWQ is looking for a venue for an event in July.  Several of the committee members visited to see what it was like – and we fell in love with it.  The decor is wonderful and the 1920’s type music in the background helps create a great atmosphere.

Read about the history of Inchcolm here.

In the Function Room

Watch for information on the event coming up in July.