The 2016 Alice Award Winner announced in Launceston in August is Dr Clare Wright.  Until this week I had not done any research on the winner,  I feel sad that it has taken me so long to find out about her.


Dr Clare Wright

She is described in Wikipedia as an Australian author, historian and broadcaster, and much to my delight, she is featured in many YouTube Videos.  Late last night I watched several of them.  She writes (and talks) about women in history – forgotten by mostly male historians.  History often neglects to mention women existed, let alone took some part in our history.    The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka will be the first of her books that I will get.

On YouTube she is described thus:

 Dr. Clare Wright is an award-winning historian, author and public commentator who has worked in politics, academia and the media. Clare’s expertise in Australian history covers the gold rush period, 19th and 20th century women’s history, democracy movements, mining history, bushrangers and the liquor industry. In 2005, The Age newspaper named her as one of Australia’s top 20 public intellectuals. Clare researched, wrote and presented the one-hour ABC television documentary Utopia Girls about how women got the vote in Australia. 

I do wish I had researched her earlier.

Just key in her name, Dr Clare Wright, and you will discover so much about this woman. She has spent so much of her life researching particularly the stories of women in our history.

Because she is also a broadcaster, there are quite a number of videos of her talking on YouTube too.  I am so impressed and I hope one day I can hear her speak in person.  Amazon here I come  to download one of her books onto my Kindle.

(submitted by Di Hill)